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Aug. 5, 2001

    Holy Crap!  It's been almost TWO FREAKIN' MONTHS since I have updated this site!!!  Well, now that summer is dying down, I won't be at work as much.  This means more updates for you, the coaster junkies!!!!  I have a lot to update so I thought I would do a few smaller updates.

    I finally finished what I had started in June!  My whole trip to Six Flags Darien Lake is photographed for you viewing pleasure.  Enjoying terrifying pics of Vipers and Predators.  I am sure Superman will save you though!

    Since May this part of the Site has been ICE COLD!  Now its updated with Amusement Today's Golden Ticket Awards.  See the Top 50 Wooden Coasters and the Top 50 Steel Coasters!

    Sorry to all the people who have sent links to me the past month or so.  I didn't have time to update this section yet.  I will very soon though!  Keep checking back!

    Sorry Dudes, I have updates for just about all of these, but I wanted to update ASAP.  This means I had to sacrifice a few things till next time.  Check back in a week or so and you may see another update!!!

    Want to help out The Coaster Underground?  Send in your ride reviews, RCT megaparks, news, and links now!  Email them to coaster_bill@yahoo.com!

Happy coaster season,


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